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Growth Coaching Online Ltd, registered in the UK, is part of the Growth Coaching companies that operate worldwide focusing exclusively on coaching in education.

The parent company, Growth Coaching International Pty Ltd, based in Australia, has been providing coaching services to Australian educational leaders for over 12 years. Several thousand school leaders, system leaders and teachers have participated in GROWTH COACHING programs over the last decade, with over 4000 leaders completing the intensive Coaching Accreditation Programme.

Some recent GROWTH COACHING projects include…
  • Customised coaching skill development programs designed and facilitated for over 120 school principals in Australian Capital Territory Department of Education and Training
  • Coaching Accreditation Programs conducted, in association with Queensland Educational Leadership Institute (QELi), for over 400 school and system leaders
  • Coaching project for over 300 school principals and assistant principals through the Bastow Institute of Leadership Development (Victoria)
  • Hosting the National Coaching Conference for Educators (2009, 2011 and 2013) featuring keynote speakers such as, Dame Pat Collarbone, Dr Douglas Reeves, Dr Jan Robertson, Dr Jim Knight. (Conference keynote speakers in 2015 include Professor John Hattie, Dr Jim Knight and Dr Christian van Nieuwerburgh.)

In addition growth coaching is an approved coaching services provider with…

Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership (Victoria)

Queensland Education Leadership Institute

Centre for Strategic Education

Institute of Professional Learning, WA

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