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John Campbell

Executive Director

In addition to his Executive Director roles with Growth Coaching Online and Growth Coaching UK,John also leads Growth Coaching International Pty Ltd, the Australian based sister company that provides coaching and coaching services to school leaders and teachers across Australia and the Asia/Pacific region.

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John has been a high school teacher, a curriculum consultant and over the last decade has led leadership and coaching skill development workshops for thousands of educators across Australia, and internationally.

In recent years John and his team have led a wide range of coaching projects in the education sector.
Some of these include:

  • Leading large scale coach development programs for senior educational leaders through the Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership in Victoria, the Queensland Educational Leadership Institute and the Institute of Professional Learning in Western Australia
  • Hosting the National Coaching Conference for Educators that attracts delegates from all over Australia and the Asia Pacific region
  • Co-hosting with the Positivity Institute, the forthcoming International Symposium for Coaching and Positive Psychology in Education

John is the author of the Team Leadership Coaching Guide, as well as the chapter, Coaching in Schools, in the forthcoming book, Coaching in Professional Contexts (SAGE).He also lectures in the UNSW Masters Degree in Educational Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring Module.

In addition to his teaching degrees he holds masters degrees in organisational communication, and in the psychology of coaching from the University of Sydney.

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