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Jason Pascoe

Principal Consultant GCI - Eastern Australia

Jason is an accredited GROWTH Coach and experienced facilitator committed to supporting and engaging individuals, teams and organisations to reach their potential. Jason’s experience encompasses every state and territory in Australia and incorporates leadership, project coordination, team development and coaching, for the education sector.

More than 12 000 people have benefitted from Jason’s facilitation and coaching work over the past decade. From classroom teachers to senior system leaders across the country his enthusiasm and ability is described as inspirational and motivational. Jason’s recent work has included:

  • Coordinating the coaching projects for school leaders for the BASTOW Educational Leadership Institute in Victoria
  • Solutions Focused Strategic planning for the NSW Secondary Principals Council members and regional principal clusters
  • Coaching of individuals and principal clusters in NSW and VIC
  • Developing and delivering strategic professional learning experiences as part of Principals Australia Institute, for educators across Australia
  • Working with Indigenous community groups to support and work with schools
  • Facilitating coach training for: Queensland Educational Leadership Institute, BASTOW Educational Leadership Institute of Victoria, New South Wales (NSW) Department of Education and Communities, NSW Association of Independent Schools, Numerous Catholic School Diocese

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