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Dr Christian van Nieuwerburgh

Managing Director

Christian is a well-respected executive coach, internationally recognised academic and sought-after consultant. He is currently Associate Professor of Coaching at Henley Business School.

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Seen as an international authority in the field of coaching, he has spoken at high-profile conferences in the US, the UK, Europe, Australia and the Middle East.

Until recently, he was the Programme Leader for one of the world’s leading postgraduate coaching psychology degrees at the University of East London. He regularly presents on the topics of coaching, motivation, mental toughness and leadership. He also delivers specialized training and development opportunities in the UK and internationally. Delegates, clients and peers describe him as an inspirational facilitator and empowering coach.

Christian is particularly passionate about the power of coaching in organisational settings. He is the editor of Coaching in Education: Getting Better Results for Students, Educators and Parents (2012) and Coaching in Professional Contexts (2015). He is also the author of the very popular book, An Introduction to Coaching Skills: A Practical Guide (2014) and a number of articles in peer-reviewed academic journals.

Passionate about creativity and the arts, Christian studied English literature and Shakespeare studies to a postgraduate level at the American University of Beirut. While completing his studies, he taught English literature at both secondary school and university level. Christian maintained his interest in drama and literature after moving to the UK and completed a PhD in English at the University of Birmingham in 2007. More recently, he achieved an MSc in Psychology at the University of East London (2012).

Christian believes that:

  • coaching is a powerful conversational intervention which supports coachees to achieve better results for themselves and their organisations; and
  • sustainable success at work depends on a healthy life–work balance which recognises an individual’s value and worth.

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